Old Couple in a doctors office with a multitude of forms

They come out of the office and walk up to the receptionist, from the waiting room we are all privy to the old man’s demands that his wife ‘just sign at the bottom!’. They bicker a little in an accent that makes you think of cartoons and shows where the country of origin is never specified, just that they come from ‘the old country’.

She wants everything specified and asks they mousy-haired middle-aged receptionist to questions about what everything is. The husband says ‘madam can you please just tell her to sign’ but the receptionist is not having an liabilities today. The man grumbles and shuffles but page by page the wife and the receptionist make sure everything is correct and where it should be. He pleads with them to hurry because he doesn’t like driving after 4pm and it is already nearing 3:55.

Her husband shuffles out the door into the waiting room, letting it shut behind him. He gets to the middle of the small room, stops, looks behind him and sees that his wife has not yet followed him. He walks back to the door, waits until he sees her, holds the door open for her so she can pass through on her walker, and  then does the same for the main door.


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