I got over that bug months ago, but thank you

My cell phone rings. It’s not a number in my contacts but the area code tells me it might be a real person, not a bill collector. I’ve got a good 10 more seconds to answer.

*Awkward pause*


“Um, Ariel?”


“This is Nora*” 

“Oh…” Why the hell are you calling me?

“It’s been awhile *nervous laugh* but I thought about you today, and I wondered how you’ve been.”

I wonder who’s listening in on speaker

“I’ve been goo-great. I’ve been really great….and you?”

“Good, good and that’s good to hear!”


“I just wanted to say, I’m sorry I wasn’t there when I should have been. I saw something the other day that really made me think about what happened before, and I really should have been there for you. I should have spoken up for you.”

*shocked silence*

“Thank you, Nora. That’s-wow, thank you.”


*Nora is not her real name.

Also, Nora in this story represents many people, people who will probably never call. But all the same, it is comforting to think that in the time since, they have learned what it means to be a friend to someone through thick and thin.


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