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Art is still Art: Daily Prompt: Art Appreciation

Daily Prompt: Art Appreciation.


I don’t think you need to agree with the artists lifestyle or politics to appreciate their art. A piece of art is still a piece of art whether you personally like it or agree with it. Many people will buy works of literary art even though they were written by someone they don’t agree with just because they don’t agree with them: they want to know how other people think. I think it really comes down to the individual. Me for example, have read books or essays by people I didn’t agree with but a good 98% of those works I checked out from the library instead of purchasing. For me, actually buying a print or a book is reserved for the ones that I know I will want to revisit. I have rarely ever re-read something I didn’t agree with (that wasn’t an assignment), and when I did it was for further analysis.