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Empty Gestures

mini-moat running midway through the castle garden

the subjects dip their feet in decorative shallow waters

filled with offerings to a king with folded arms standing aloof atop the terrace.


Blue Romance

imposter king say you’ve come to save me,

say the madness won’t tear me asunder-

into so many salt watered pieces.

i would brace the four winds to wash up on your shore,

you’re safe in flight miles away

and my tears keep me drowning here,

my heart too far from home to stay afloat.

Tic Toc

Tic toc

your world’s about to stop.

He was chasing you

and she was waiting at the finish line,

no helping hand or interference from the divine.

You have to pay what is due:

Scrap it together and teach them to dread.

Your own wings will save you.

corrupted eyes

They have corrupted eyes that see what the talking heads want them to see;

images of past actions and violent ties their eyes have never seen filed under FACT.

Instead of seeing people we are trained to see colors-

white good, brown terrorist, bronze illegal, black savage.

And many of us will un-train our eyes, yes,

but too many follow along blind to reason with closed heart and open mouth.

How many remember that day in kindergarten: It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

The teacher said it true but the TV said Ignore her

now we fear melanin and clothes not found at the local mall

and cast stones because a forum post said it was ok.

What happened to clean eyes who saw what the teacher wanted them to see?

New friend, regular girl, somebody’s kid, busy student.

Eyes connected to a thinking brain running a beating heart

that looked beyond the surface, and only saw color as color.

something stole it

Have you seen my joy?

It seems I had it moments ago but now cannot find it.

I don’t have time for a long search,

I’ve a million things to do!

It was lost-or someone stole it,

I wonder who could have-ah

those little thieving rascals got their grubby hands on it.

My feet ache, my heart grows weary with the chase.

Just give it back, I beg you

but they turn around and say

You left your joy in yesterday

when you did not dance today.