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Writing 101: Stream of Consciousness: 12 minutes

She came into the room with no expectation of finding the person she was looking for. It was a stupid move really, she had caught sight of a man strolling through the jewelry section of Woolworth’s and had taken to him. His face was classic Americana handsome. He wouldn’t look out of place on the cover of a folk album. So what was he looking for in the glimmering cases? She trailed him from a distance and lost him as he went down the escalator into the cafe and cafeteria on the lower level. Buon Appetito was crowded for the afternoon lunch rush with a mass of shoppers, workers from neighboring offices, and a few employees eating bag lunches. She weaved through throngs of people standing and talking, tables littered with wrappers and people paying more attention to their phones than their table mates until finally she caught a glimpse of his green and brown tweed jacket. He was standing in a small line of people waiting for the Coke vending machine. She walked up behind him and pretended to be in line. “Pretty crowded today eh?” She said, smiling at him when he turned around. “Yup.” He said and turned back around. This is just going great she thought to herself, of course it’s crowded what am I saying. She………….
Where is this going meeting for?? Love story? Focusss

The line moved and he was choosing a cherry coke. It was the last one.
“Got the last one, hmph!” she said, mock angry.
“Oh did you want it?” he said.
She waved her hand, “No, no I’m getting a regular. Too much cherry this week. Ah ha-ha.”

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